What is Hoops4Education?

Hoops4Education is a 3 on 3 basketball tournament designed to encourage its participants to raise money for a great cause while having a great time in a competitive and fun environment.

What is YGW?

YGW is an Jewish middle school, high school and college program on two campuses in Silver Spring and has been serving the Greater Washington community for over 50 years.

With more than 1,400 graduates, our vibrant middle and high school divisions, located on two campuses in close-in Montgomery County, continue to provide a well-balanced Jewish and General Studies curriculum. At YGW no student has ever been turned away for lack of funds. Our students grow up to be outstanding citizens who start families, put down roots, and contribute in every way to make our region better. Your support is an investment in building metro D.C.'s future!

How long is the tournament?

The tournament will be played out over one day on May 15th, 2016. All the games, playoffs, and championship will be played on the same day.

How will the tournament work?

All the participating teams will be placed into four divisions. The tournament will begin with each team playing at least three games against different teams in their divisions. After those games are played, the top two teams from each division will play against each other, and the winner will move on to the playoffs and face the winner from another division. After the first playoff game, the winning teams will play in the championship and the winner of that game will be crowned the champion.

What factors decide which team is the top team from each division?

The team with the best record advances. If there are more than two teams with identical best records, then point differential is calculated.

Will there be referees?

Yes. We are hiring professional referees from the area.

Will there be food?

Throughout the tournament day, there will be an open sports bar, where we will be serving energy drinks, wraps, and pastries. After the tournament there will be a gala awards dinner for all the participants.

How do I sign up?

Do I need to have a team put together before I register?

No. You can register under your own team and your teammates can add themselves to your team later.

What are the fundraising requirements?

Each team of 3 players must raise $1500 collectively. If you add an additional back up, your team must raise $1750 collectively.

How do I go about finding my sponsors?

Friends, family, and co-workers are a great place to begin your fundraising. You'll be surprised, once people hear the commitment you've made and the cause you're benefiting the donations will pile in. The staff at Hoops4Education will be happy to assist you in any way possible.